This is an italian crew. It was born in a university following several political battles against the government. The purpose of the crew is to test networks security, develop real solutions, improve hacking techniques and of course to have fun.

Guess... the name was chosen from an alcool bottle.


ssltohtmlettercap plugin to issue SSL mitm attacks
sslguardmozilla browser plugin to protect against SSL mitm attacks
sdchatsecure decentralized chat using GPG
groinkadvanced sniffer


xpathprocess html pages with xpath and python
IPv6 MiTMStudy, analysis and evaluation of the IPv6 security and Man in The Middle attacks (MiTM) [IT]

NedaNet is a network of hackers formed to support the democratic revolution in Iran.

Help by adding bandwidth and computing power to their network, help support safe communications that are immune to deep-packet inspection.