sdchat screenshots

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version 0py, 17 Feb 2010

The login window asks for the passphrase to unlock your gpg secret key. The passphrase won't be stored anywhere in your system.

The main window showing the menu for connecting to a node. It will open a dialog where you enter an address and a port.

Glasine is connected to a node that knows an avatar. The menu shows the possible actions installed by the plugins.
Notice that you have a list of nodes you have connected to. It means you can connect to multiple nodes, and disconnect from a specific node at any time.

The chat window supports links and smiles. For rooms, you have a list of avatars on the right side and you will be able to invite only avatars whose rooms plugin is being enabled.

The shared editor between two avatars make collaboration possible.

The paint plugin will let you collaborate on a shared painting. It's made using cairo and it has powerful tools for fast editing.

The preferences dialog.